Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Trade Union Bank - $100 and a donut - Nationwide

We've got yet another Great Big Bank Deal for you - and this one's appetizing to boot! You have until 12/31/2011 to invest $100 for a 100% return...and a donut.

Go to their site and sign up for a virtual checking account with an initial deposit of $100. The next step to earning this First Trade Union Bank deal is to pay one bill using their bill pay service by 1/31/2012. This'll take you half way towards your big bank deal as they'll award you $50. Next, you need to set up direct deposit and have 1 direct deposit made to your account by the same date (1/31/2012). You'll want to read up on their terms to ensure your direct deposit qualifies however!

But we've got something more for you with this Big Bank Deal than just money - if you sign up for online statements, than you're also eligible for $5 gift card at Dunkin Donut's. You'll get to celebrate your 100% return investment with this First Trade Union Bank deal with a coffee and/or donut on the house!

What makes this big bank deal especially amazing, well, besides the donut, is that your money isn't stuck in limbo. Per their terms, your account balance must be greater than $1.00 when the bonuses are made to you. What does this imply? Well, the money you put in for your initial investment, as well as any direct deposit you make, is immediately available for your upcoming Christmas needs!