Tuesday, December 21, 2010

US Bank - $50 - Nationwide

So you may have already benefited from our previous US Bank deal worth $75 dollars here. Now you have a chance to earn even more easy money than before as there is yet another US Bank deal for you to sign up for.

Basically, you have to apply for US Bank FlexPerks, a rewards program by US bank for your debit card comparable to credit card rewards programs. For every $2 you spend, you earn a FlexPoint which you can later on redeem. You probably already know how these work with your credit cards so there isn't much point in going over the complete details.

To get the $50, you simply need to enroll in US Bank FlexPerks program, after which you need to make $250 worth of purchases. They'll than credit you with 5000 enrollment flex points which you can convert to a $50 statement credit. Want more information on this great big bank deal? Here you go.

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