Saturday, December 11, 2010

Northfield Bank - $150 - NJ or NY

We've got another big bank deal for you, and at $150, it's definitely a big deal. Visit one of the handful of Northfield Bank branches (yes, you'll have to open your account in a branch and not online) in your location and let the teller know you want to open a "Really Free Checking Account" with this deal. You just have to do a couple of things within the first 90 days to qualify for your free money with this this particular Northfield Bank deal. Firstly, set up a recurring direct deposit of at least $400. Than use your debit card to make five credit transactions. Basically, you just need to use it in those circumstances where you would sign off as opposed to using a pin number. Finally, make 3 bill payments with their bill pay. And there you go, you've just scored $150 with this big bank deal. You'll get your $150 Northfield Bank bonus within 100 days of completing this deal.

As there is no real fine print to go over, make sure to get the complete details of it so that you understand every aspect of this big bank deal from Northfield Bank before you've signed up. A good teller or banker will definitely be available to help you out.

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