Sunday, December 12, 2010

Citizen's Bank - $0.10 - $120 - Nationwide

Now here's something unique and environmentally friendly which also has a lot of potential. Citizen's Bank has a deal for you as it has decided to go green - and for you, that means money! The great Citizen's Bank deal available for you offers you the chance to score an easy $120 over the course of the year, and all you really have to do is use your Citizen's Bank account(s). Basically, in an effort to reduce costs (and simultaneously, "go green"), they've introduced a program whereby you receive $0.10 every time you make a payment. Though 10 cents isn't much, over the course of a year of the typical American consumer's life - it adds up and becomes a seriously big bank deal at $120 (the point at which they cap your rewards).

As with all bank deals, be sure to read the fine print. With this particular deal, potential bonuses are capped at a yearly $120 and a monthly $10, so you'll be set to profit from this so long as you don't exceed 100 transactions per month.

And presently, they're even offering to send you a debit card made from recycled plastic. So if environmentalism is your thing, and money certainly is or you wouldn't be here, than head on over to Citizen's Bank to score your big bank deal from them.

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