Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bank of America - $100-$220 - Nationwide (Targeted)

Right off the bat, we just want to let you know that this offer has been going on for a bit. We didn't cover it earlier as we were new and it had already been thoroughly covered over the web, was targeted and wouldn't last for too much longer after we received our first tip about it. However, we decided that this big bank deal also deserved a blog about it after we received a few  tips that the deadline for it (previously a few days ago) had been extended to January 21st, 2011. As this extension gives people a lot more time to sign up, read on, cash out and enjoy:

At $220, this big bank deal from Bank of America is probably one of the biggest we've ever brought to you. And as it is indeed such a big bank deal, it goes without saying that the "work" required to cash out on this one is not the nominal amount expected with most of our other bank deals. Nor is it available to just anyone. In fact, in order to take part in this great bank deal, you need to already have a Bank of America credit card and can't already be a checking customer.

To get the first $100 is the easiest part of the bank deal. Basically, you just sign up for direct deposit (standard procedure for most bank deals these days). Just begin your online application and use the code: 'CHC220OL'. Follow this up with direct deposit initiation within 3 months and you'll be good for the first $100.

You earn the remaining $20 each month as a result of paying for your Bank of America credit card online. Essentially, you'll be getting $20 for less than a few minutes of work. That's more than many Americans earn through labor-intensive work in these troubling economic times. The credit (i.e. $100 - $220) will be applied to your account after completing each task in 60 days (2 months).

Before you jump on this big bank deal - find out more about it from Bank of America itself and as we always say, make sure to read the fine print!

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