Tuesday, December 21, 2010

US Bank - $50 - Nationwide

So you may have already benefited from our previous US Bank deal worth $75 dollars here. Now you have a chance to earn even more easy money than before as there is yet another US Bank deal for you to sign up for.

Basically, you have to apply for US Bank FlexPerks, a rewards program by US bank for your debit card comparable to credit card rewards programs. For every $2 you spend, you earn a FlexPoint which you can later on redeem. You probably already know how these work with your credit cards so there isn't much point in going over the complete details.

To get the $50, you simply need to enroll in US Bank FlexPerks program, after which you need to make $250 worth of purchases. They'll than credit you with 5000 enrollment flex points which you can convert to a $50 statement credit. Want more information on this great big bank deal? Here you go.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Citizen's Bank - $0.10 - $120 - Nationwide

Now here's something unique and environmentally friendly which also has a lot of potential. Citizen's Bank has a deal for you as it has decided to go green - and for you, that means money! The great Citizen's Bank deal available for you offers you the chance to score an easy $120 over the course of the year, and all you really have to do is use your Citizen's Bank account(s). Basically, in an effort to reduce costs (and simultaneously, "go green"), they've introduced a program whereby you receive $0.10 every time you make a payment. Though 10 cents isn't much, over the course of a year of the typical American consumer's life - it adds up and becomes a seriously big bank deal at $120 (the point at which they cap your rewards).

As with all bank deals, be sure to read the fine print. With this particular deal, potential bonuses are capped at a yearly $120 and a monthly $10, so you'll be set to profit from this so long as you don't exceed 100 transactions per month.

And presently, they're even offering to send you a debit card made from recycled plastic. So if environmentalism is your thing, and money certainly is or you wouldn't be here, than head on over to Citizen's Bank to score your big bank deal from them.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Northfield Bank - $150 - NJ or NY

We've got another big bank deal for you, and at $150, it's definitely a big deal. Visit one of the handful of Northfield Bank branches (yes, you'll have to open your account in a branch and not online) in your location and let the teller know you want to open a "Really Free Checking Account" with this deal. You just have to do a couple of things within the first 90 days to qualify for your free money with this this particular Northfield Bank deal. Firstly, set up a recurring direct deposit of at least $400. Than use your debit card to make five credit transactions. Basically, you just need to use it in those circumstances where you would sign off as opposed to using a pin number. Finally, make 3 bill payments with their bill pay. And there you go, you've just scored $150 with this big bank deal. You'll get your $150 Northfield Bank bonus within 100 days of completing this deal.

As there is no real fine print to go over, make sure to get the complete details of it so that you understand every aspect of this big bank deal from Northfield Bank before you've signed up. A good teller or banker will definitely be available to help you out.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bank of America - $100-$220 - Nationwide (Targeted)

Right off the bat, we just want to let you know that this offer has been going on for a bit. We didn't cover it earlier as we were new and it had already been thoroughly covered over the web, was targeted and wouldn't last for too much longer after we received our first tip about it. However, we decided that this big bank deal also deserved a blog about it after we received a few  tips that the deadline for it (previously a few days ago) had been extended to January 21st, 2011. As this extension gives people a lot more time to sign up, read on, cash out and enjoy:

At $220, this big bank deal from Bank of America is probably one of the biggest we've ever brought to you. And as it is indeed such a big bank deal, it goes without saying that the "work" required to cash out on this one is not the nominal amount expected with most of our other bank deals. Nor is it available to just anyone. In fact, in order to take part in this great bank deal, you need to already have a Bank of America credit card and can't already be a checking customer.

To get the first $100 is the easiest part of the bank deal. Basically, you just sign up for direct deposit (standard procedure for most bank deals these days). Just begin your online application and use the code: 'CHC220OL'. Follow this up with direct deposit initiation within 3 months and you'll be good for the first $100.

You earn the remaining $20 each month as a result of paying for your Bank of America credit card online. Essentially, you'll be getting $20 for less than a few minutes of work. That's more than many Americans earn through labor-intensive work in these troubling economic times. The credit (i.e. $100 - $220) will be applied to your account after completing each task in 60 days (2 months).

Before you jump on this big bank deal - find out more about it from Bank of America itself and as we always say, make sure to read the fine print!