Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chase - $100 - Nationwide

Haven't used Chase for your banking needs yet? Well, than we've got the perfect big bank deal for you! Chase is (once again) offering new customers a whopping $100 bank deal for signing up. What's the catch? It's not that bad really, you just have to set up a recurring direct deposit of $500 - pretty easy for anybody with a steady job. In addition of course, you need to leave the account open for at least six months (pretty much standard for this sort of deal).

In addition to the cash bonus offered exclusively through this bank deal, by signing up for the appropriate amount and type of direct deposit, you also won't be charged the $6 monthly fee. Basically, the whole $100 is for you to burn.

So hurry up and get your $100 - the offer's only good till the end of the month and you can apply online or at a branch, pick your fancy.

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