Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US Bank - $75-$90 - CA, KY, OR, WA

You better hurry for the big bank deal we have in store for you! Believe it or not, US Bank is once again offering to reimburse up to $75 which you spend on groceries. Take a break from clipping coupons and get a 100% discount on some necessary food items for your family.

What do you have to do to get this bank deal? Well, after speaking with your teller and verifying that the deal is available at your local branch, you open up a free US Bank Checking account. Than go out and use the new check card you will receive to make purchases before the deadline. It's also important to note that you can't use it for "debit" transactions as part of this deal - make sure you checker is notified that you want your card rung up as credit when you pay for your groceries. Heck, if you want to pass on food, spend the money on gift cards! Finally, go back to the branch with your receipt and cash out. This bank deal is that easy. Best of all, US Bank has many branches inside grocery stores - talk about convenience.

We can't say for sure exactly where this big bank deal is available however, we've provided some locations based on the tips we've received. The deal should end on December 3rd, 2010 so hurry up and cash in on this bank deal! If a similar deal is also available in your area, just send us a quick message about it (tips [a t] BigBankDeals.com). Be sure to get the full scoop from your teller soon.

But we're not done yet! You can top off the $75 with an additional $15 by also signing up for bill pay using US Bank. This isn't much of a big bank deal, but added to the $75, it does make for a clean $90 which you couldn't possibly complain about!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guaranty Bank - $75 - GA, IL, MI, MN, and WI

Ready for another great big bank deal? With this one, you can score as much as $75 for free! The offer is available to new checking account customers of Guaranty Bank. As part of this bank deal, you get the first $50 once you open a new account and follow up by receiving three direct deposits north of $75 a piece, all from the same source.

You than have the opportunity of adding a smaller bank deal of $25 for a total Big Bank Deal of $75. For this later part, you need to signup for bill pay and than pay three consecutive bills.

Minimum Opening Balance: $25
Account can be opened at a branch only.
Sign-up offer for new customers ends November 30, 2010 (so hurry and get your bank bonus now!)
Offer may not be available everywhere, please see your local branch for complete details.
 An image of the original brochure is also available here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

PNC Bank - $100 - Nationwide

We've got another one of those big bank deals for you. With this great bank deal being offered through PNC Bank, as with the Chase one, you get $100 bucks. And of course, as with any big bank deal, there's bound to be some sort of a catch. As you may expect, in order to qualify for this bank deal, you need to maintain a recurring direct deposit. This deal might be the one for you however if you don't have the $500 that Chase demands as this bank deal is perfect for anyone that can only maintain a direct deposit of $400. However, in addition to the direct deposit, you will also need to make at least 10 check card purchases within 60 days.

As with any big bank deal, be sure to read the fine print. And enjoy that free $100!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chase - $100 - Nationwide

Haven't used Chase for your banking needs yet? Well, than we've got the perfect big bank deal for you! Chase is (once again) offering new customers a whopping $100 bank deal for signing up. What's the catch? It's not that bad really, you just have to set up a recurring direct deposit of $500 - pretty easy for anybody with a steady job. In addition of course, you need to leave the account open for at least six months (pretty much standard for this sort of deal).

In addition to the cash bonus offered exclusively through this bank deal, by signing up for the appropriate amount and type of direct deposit, you also won't be charged the $6 monthly fee. Basically, the whole $100 is for you to burn.

So hurry up and get your $100 - the offer's only good till the end of the month and you can apply online or at a branch, pick your fancy.

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