Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Discover Bank - New Checking - $50 bonus - online - YMMV

After a long hiatus, we're back with a great big bank deal just for you. We've been doing a bit of clean up and we'll be starting the new process with this post. There'll be less SEO terms (like "great big bank deal", "bank bonus", etc.), and instead, we'll be focusing on providing a more useful platform that provides the facts. Anyways, here's a go at it.

Bank Link: Discover Bank
Bonus Amount: $50
Requirements: Open Checking Account ($25 min opening balance)
Deadline: Oct 31, 2013
Cons: None

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Progress

In Progress:

(to be verified and edited): Liberty Bank - CT (43 branches) https://www.liberty-bank.com/refer-a-friend.asp Deal is worth $25.00, someone has to open up an account w/ a coupon you gave them referring them (they get something too) All restrictions/conditions listed below (copied from webpage) Refer-A-Friend. Get $25. Tell your friends and family about Liberty Bank's BreakFreeSM Checking with no ATM fees or Quarter BackSM Checking with Debit Card Rewards! Or perhaps they'd like a money market with a competitive rate? Refer them to Liberty Bank and we'll give you $25 (they'll receive a nice gift, too!)1 It's easy. First, print out a Refer A Friend Coupon and fill in your information. Give it to a friend or family member. If they open a new checking or money market account with this coupon, they'll walk away with a free gift and you'll have $25 directly deposited into your Liberty account! 1 Offer good while supplies last, and referral is for new checking and money market customers only. New account must remain open and have a minimum of three transactions within 30 days of account open date to qualify for program. $25 will be automatically deposited into referring customer's Liberty account and is subject to income tax reporting. Refer-A-Friend promotion subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time. Consumer accounts only.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MB Financial Bank - $200 - IL

We've got another Big Bank Deal for you today - but unfortunately, this one will only help out our readers in the Chicago, IL area. Earn up to $200 with our Big Bank Deal from MB Financial Bank. To celebrate their 100th anniversary till the end of January 2012 (deal can be found on front page), MB Financial is offering this stellar big bank deal. How can you take part in the celebration? Simple, first open an MB Classic, MB Signature or MB Red Checking account. At the same time, to get the full bonus for this Big Bank Deal you'll also need either an MB Money Market account or an MB Savings account.

Than, within the next 90 days you need to set up a recurring monthly direct deposit of $500 to get the first $100. Next, set up a recurring automatic transfer of at least $50 to your Money Market or Savings account with MB Financial Bank. Than you need to use the bill pay service to pay a non-individual (i.e. company) after which you will get a $25 credit. Finally, to get your last $25 bonus as part of this Big Bank Deal you simply need to apply for e-statements. Now, if your accounts remains open for the 90 days after you opened the accounts you'll get your full $200 bonus within the following 30. Enjoy!

Valley National Bank - $150 - CT, NJ, NY, PA

We got a new Big Bank Deal for you. This is a Valley National Bank deal and is actually restricted to the areas mentioned in the headline unfortunately. Getting the bonus isn't too hard though. After opening a qualifying checking account and maintaining a minimum $100 deposit, the next steps for this big bank deal are just as simple. First sign up for mobile banking - score $75. Than sign up for a monthly direct deposit for your other $75 as part of this Valley National Bank bonus. There is a time limit of course, you'll need to do all of this within 60 days if you want your Big Bank Deal. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

ING Direct - $50 - Nationwide

Here's a recurring Big Bank Deal you may have heard of before. ING Direct offers a $50 cash bonus for signing up for a new checking account.  You must make a total of 3 Card purchases or Person2Person Payments within 45 days of  the account being opened and you will get your big bank bonus of $50 on the 50th day. Simple as that.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Trade Union Bank - $100 and a donut - Nationwide

We've got yet another Great Big Bank Deal for you - and this one's appetizing to boot! You have until 12/31/2011 to invest $100 for a 100% return...and a donut.

Go to their site and sign up for a virtual checking account with an initial deposit of $100. The next step to earning this First Trade Union Bank deal is to pay one bill using their bill pay service by 1/31/2012. This'll take you half way towards your big bank deal as they'll award you $50. Next, you need to set up direct deposit and have 1 direct deposit made to your account by the same date (1/31/2012). You'll want to read up on their terms to ensure your direct deposit qualifies however!

But we've got something more for you with this Big Bank Deal than just money - if you sign up for online statements, than you're also eligible for $5 gift card at Dunkin Donut's. You'll get to celebrate your 100% return investment with this First Trade Union Bank deal with a coffee and/or donut on the house!

What makes this big bank deal especially amazing, well, besides the donut, is that your money isn't stuck in limbo. Per their terms, your account balance must be greater than $1.00 when the bonuses are made to you. What does this imply? Well, the money you put in for your initial investment, as well as any direct deposit you make, is immediately available for your upcoming Christmas needs!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bank of the West - $100 - (practically) Nationwide

We've got another great big bank deal for you in rapid succession to our previously posted PNC one. This one also offers $100 and may actually be slightly easier, though you only have till 9/16/2011 to sign up versus 9/30.

With this particular offer, all you really need to do is sign up for the account, make an initial deposit and set up direct deposit. You'll need to start with an initial deposit of at least $100 and you'll need to set up monthly direct deposit where each direct deposit must be at least $250. If you get this taken care of within 60 days, you can expect the handsome reward of $100 for the minimal effort you're required to put into this.

You're probably wondering where you can go sign up for this great big bank deal. Well, here you go. Enjoy!